by Joan Shelley

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released April 10, 2012

Joan Shelley: Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, Wurly, Vocals
Ben Sollee: Electric Bass & Cello
Daniel Joseph Dorff: Drums
Cheyenne Marie Mize: Violin, Banjo & Vocals
Joe Manning: Electric Guitar & Vocals (10)
Julia Purcell: Guitar & Vocals (4,6,11)
Nathan Salsburg: Guitar (5)
Kevin Ratterman: Electric Guitar World (1)
DMM: Guitar, Key, Whistle (1,3,7)

Siren (4) features lyrics from "The Final Trawl" by Archie Fisher.

Produced by Daniel Martin Moore
Recorded & Mixed by Kevin Ratterman
Mastered by Shelley Anderson
Ol Kentuck Catalog Number: OK-003


all rights reserved



Joan Shelley Louisville, Kentucky


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Track Name: Siren
You’re lost on a sea that you sailed on
now its cold and rough where you are

It’s a harsh wind blowing
but I did not cause this storm you see
I’ve just been here, open-armed

I’ve been alone on this sea for so long
I wanted to touch, I had to feel love
Before these waves took me under

But Aden you came to me in the dark
in the dark
and as gentle as a siren can be
I caught you and I held you down

Oh if the pink light of morning
would wash all the demons out of here
I could lie down on your ground
and pull my body near

But all the knots in my stomach are telling,
there’s no where to rest,
there’s no place to go,
and the shadows they keep on
with their shanty song

It’s the darkest horse that’s chasing me down
And the gods here have no care
where you go when you drown

I’ve been mistaken for something I’m not
for something I wished I could be
Pretty and fine,
I’d draw the line
at just singing soothingly

but I’ve been a liar
I have been ugly
I can be ugly

And we'll join the Venture and the Morning Star
Singing haul away my laddie-o....

You’re lost on a sea that you sailed on
Now its cold and rough
Track Name: Your Doll
Be my sailor and I’ll be your doll
puppet show how we bow and we bend for a smile
lights down and show begins

Three blocks over a light switched on
a single girl walks the floor boards and turns on a song
to see how it goes again

Then the rain comes and all I can think about
is that song you sang
how does it go again?

On our secrets we rest and we rise
like two birds on an ocean I roll by your side
and no one else is in

But you always knew the purpose
yellow moon and golden sound
Tie a light weight on the curtain
and it all falls down

Let’s be world travelers go out on the town
Bring your best suit and I’ll bring my fine evening gown
Slow down the road we’ll go

Then the night comes and all I can think about
how the tide came in
looked at me, sighed
and turned around
But you always knew the purpose….
Track Name: The Door
We don’t have to talk about it
you don’t want to fix it no more
my heart opened hesitant
you held it so gently before
but here we are breaking
we’re staring vacant on the porch
a few words could fix it
if I could just find them I’m sure

You don’t have to leave me
you don’t have to go
Staying’s so easy
Come away from the door

You watch me so desperate
red eyes and tears on my face
my pride left here hours ago
I was hoping It’d go in your place
but you put out your cigarette
and I find my drink is all gone
it’s not even dark yet
but I feel it coming on

You don’t have to leave me…

Now I’ve given up on sleeping
I stay up all night with the Night
oh but she’s so indifferent
we have so little in common

I could sit talking here alone
but what would the neighbors think of that?
So I put it in a song
and I sing it to the place you stood last

You don’t have to leave me…

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